2 October 2015

September Favourites

Hello Music Lovers,

It's October already - how? September went by like a flash, and I've got lots of new products that I've loved in the last month. Lets get started, shall we?
Marks & Spencer Azure 3 set Perfumes 

This cute set of Autograph perfumes from Marks & Spencer are great for travelling and to have on your shelf. I've been using them by quickly dabbing some on before heading out for the day, and it keeps you smelling good all day. My personal favourite is 'Azure Breeze', which you can buy in a big bottle here

Zoella Beauty Let's Spritz Body Mist

YouTube star Zoella released her summer line of beauty products earlier this year, with a Christmas line still to come. The body mist included in the summer range is one of my favourite parts of the collection, it's so fruity and perfect for smelling good in those summer days, without it being too heavy. The smells stays for quite a while, something I didn't expect from this fragrance, but I might have to buy another one when I run out - it's just that good! You can get any of Zoella Beauty's products from Superdrug stores, or (which ships internationally).

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Lip Gloss

Another YouTube star Tanya Burr has a makeup line out, starting with fake eyelashes but then released more products, including lip gloss. I picked up the shade Afternoon Tea and I'm so glad I did. The colour is true to the one shown in the pack and stays on your lips for a good few hours so you can go out and not have to worry about re-touching your lip gloss. You can buy Tanya's lip gloss at Superdrug stores, and FeelUnique (who ship internationally).

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Nail Polish

Burr has also released nail polish, with recent new packaging. I bought the colours Bright & Early and Duvet Day, which are both great and stylish to paint on my nails, as I think that both colours can be worn in the upcoming season. I would definitely recommend these polishes for someone looking for a new line or new shades. You can buy Tanya's nail polish at Superdrug stores, and FeelUnique (who ship internationally).

James & Friends Pencil Case

Everyone going back to school/work/university likes buying new and fresh stationery and I'm no exception. The pencil case I chose is this one from YouTuber Jim Chapman's stationary collection James & Friends, as it's big enough for all of my pens and pencils (as you can see in the picture) without being so bulky that it doesn't fit in a backpack like a lot of others do. The pencil case is also suitable for anyone, not just children or fans of Jim. There are other items in the range which you can buy at Waterstones stores,, ASOS, Scribbler (some stores), Paperducks and Amazon.

::Other Favourites::
Beats Solo2 Headphones

I was given these headphones as a birthday present from my parents and I'm so happy that I received them. The sounds and noise-cancelling capability is amazing and the headphones are so comfortable when being worn. The sides of the headphones can be adjusted if needed and there's also a clear 'L' and 'R' on the sides for if you get confused as to which way to wear them. They're definitely great value for money. Beats Solo2 (in a range of colours) is available from a number of retailers and Amazon.

Carex Cola Bottles Soap

Carex have released a line of soaps dedicated to classic sweets and one of them is Cola Bottles. When you wash your hands with this soap it smells amazing, but isn't too overpowering like some soaps can be. I'm definitely buying this again when I've run out. You can buy Carex Cola Bottle Soap from superdrug stores,, Tesco and Boots stores and

What have been your favourite things this month? Let me know in the comments. 'Like' my page on Facebook to see what I'm posting next.

A K Jones

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