22 November 2016

Taco Bell Southampton Opening Party | #LIVEMAS

Tonight for me meant one thing - TACO BELL IN SOUTHAMPTON. The American food chain has actually had stores in the UK for a few years, but this Southampton Store is the first down South. It's officially opening on Wednesday, but I was invited to the VIP party to try some food and have a mooch around the store before it opened.

Southampton's Taco Bell store is in a perfect location just along from Above Bar Street in the Hanover Buildings, so ideal for anyone looking for their taco fix. The actual restaurant itself is quite spacious, with the menu being laid out on big screens, like those in McDonalds and Burger King.

For the store opening, everyone was lovingly given a few free meals and drinks, including free refills. There was also a photo booth (which won't be there after opening sadly) that was so much fun. After arriving on my own, I got chatting to a few lovely ladies from the Soton Bloggers group and sat on a table with all the bloggers, all of us taking pictures and checking our social media accounts.

We all decided to go into the photo booth together and took a few cute pictures, it was definitely the highlight of my night. Whilst we were all chatting, food was coming around and we were being offered lots of meals that will be served at Taco Bell including quesadillas, burritos and a Crunchwrap (google it). Here's some pictures of the appetising food below (if you're hungry and don't want to be tempted to eat bad food, stop reading now!)

I would have to say the Chicken Cheese Quesadillas were the best savoury item on the menu, with the burrito being too filling. But the real star of Taco Bell for me was the KitKat Chocodilla, a quesadilla which contained warm melting KitKats, it was actually amazing and if I could eat it every day, I would.

Another thing I need to mention is how well organised this event was. The Taco Bell staff and the PR company who look after them are all so lovely, with the staff being so attentive to bring out food just at the right time and made sure to cover every table that hadn't been replenished in a while, but not so much that it was overwhelming. The exit from the store and a great event meant receiving a goodie bag, complete with a notebook, pen and even a free £5 voucher on your next shop there, I'll definitely be going back!

All in all I had a great time at the event and it was great to meet so many lovely people and make some new blogger friends. Are you going to visit Taco Bell in Southampton when it opens on Wednesday? Let me know.

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Happy Listening! (Or eating in this case 😝)

A K Jones

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