22 August 2016

Mark Bowden Hypnotherapy Stress Relief Review - 2 Weeks In

Today's post is something a little different. Do you want to relax and forget about all the stresses of the day/week? Well let me introduce you to Mark Bowden Hypnotherapy.

The world-renowned hypnotist has created his own series of different therapies promising to help lots of problems, including depression and organising your life to how to play a better golf game. I had a chance to try the Stress Relief programme and decided to give my opinion after two weeks of using it.

Upon buying the programme from the Mark Bowden Hypnotherapy store, you are presented with a folder of downloads that you can transfer straight into iTunes or any music service and straight onto your phone for easy access and listening. The three downloads in the folder are a Daytime Recording, Bedtime Recording (30 minutes each) and a ten minute introduction to what Mark Bowden's about and his way of hypnotherapy.

During each recording, Bowden takes you through what's going to happen and says that you're going to be put into a relaxing trance, which will make you absorb his instructions to forget all about the stress you're having. Believe when I tell you that it works.

At the start of the hypnosis you are told to imagine a light above you that is calm and warming, helping you take steps into feeling so relaxed and hypnotised - it's very strange but stick with me. Within ten minutes of the hypnosis, your body is so heavy and sunk into the mattress/chair that you actually could fall asleep. Bowden also says in his velvety soft voice (which I would happily listen to forever) that "every time you come back to this recording, you will go into a deeper trance" and that is so true. If you come out of the trance and wake up, it will feel like you've had a five-hour nap as you're so relaxed, but you'll be able to fall straight to sleep. The daytime one is great too, if you have half an hour to spare in your day to relax and unwind, then this programme is perfect as it helps clear your mind for the rest of the day in the ways described above.

Does it help alleviate stress? Yes it does. If you put it on while you're overthinking things or becoming a bit flustered (I don't recommend just whipping it out during a meeting or anything) but when you have a bit of time to yourself. Helping to clear the mind and focus on the present helps so much to forget all outside stresses. I would definitely recommend this if you're looking for something more than five minute meditation and need a great voice to listen to, guiding you through relaxation.

As well as the two Stress Relief programmes, I added a free 10 Minute Beach Relaxation recording. I haven't tried it yet, but will let you know how I get on in my final 4-week post.

Check out the different Mark Bowden programmes here, as well as his Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to see what he's releasing next. Don't forget to like my Facebook page to see my posts as soon as they're published.

Happy Listening!

A K Jones

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