3 September 2015

Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz (2015)

At this year's MTV Video Music Awards, Miley Cyrus surprised everyone with a performance of her new single 'Dooo It!' and revealed that she was releasing her fifth studio album Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz immediately and for free, on streaming site SoundCloud. Cyrus started recording this 23-track album in 2013, before the release of her last album Bangerz so it's been highly-anticipated since her new look and attitude has been so prevalent in the media.

Rating: ****.5/5

The single 'Dooo It!' opens the album and starts the way anyone expects a Miley Cyrus song would these days - with the lyrics "Yeah I smoke pot/yeah I love beats/but I don't give a fuck/I ain't no hippie" which after 10 seconds is when the really catchy beat comes in. The actual lyrics to the song are hard to hear and understand, but that's part of the genre of Alternative and Psychedelic music. There's an instrumental in the middle of the song, which sounds like something that's associated with space and the unknown (as does the whole song really), but that's probably what Cyrus was going for - in which case, she's pulled it off well.

Cyrus shows that she's down-to-earth and amongst all the madness, the ability to perform a ballad with 'Karen Don't Be Sad', a song to encourage people to be happy and not "let them win", showing a powerful message to the audience that treat her as an idol and inspiration to not succumb to bullying or being treated as less than you are. That's not the only slow song either, with "The Floyd Song (Sunrise)", about her dog Floyd who is always mentioned and sung about when she's on tour and "Space Boots", about someone she misses dearly, saying and describing them as a spaceman, with their "space suit" and "space boots". 'Fuckin Fucked Up' is only 50 seconds long, but leads on to 'BB Talk', with Cyrus explaining a difficult situation and how everything is "really fucked up" and throughout the song goes on to explain the situation through both talking and singing to the hip-hop beat, giving listeners something to relate to as most people have been indecisive in sometime in their lives.

She's teamed up with Mike Will Made-It (who produced some songs on Bangerz) and Sarah Barthel of Phantogram for a song called 'Slab Of Butter' (that isn't a joke) and portrays that she "Feels like a slab of butter/that's melting in the fridge" - I'm sure I'm not the only one who questions what that could mean, but Cyrus is leaving it to the listener to interpret the lyrics as they please. Other notable songs include a collaboration with Big Sean called 'Tangerine' another slower song, and being 5 minutes long, it takes quite long get to the lyrics, which are as strange as they seem, but makes for interesting listening. 'Twinkly Song', the last of the record and in the lyrics she lists all of the dreams she's had and asks "What does it mean? What does it all mean?" and listeners of this album are probably thinking exactly the same thing.

Overall, I think Cyrus has now completely left her past behind and is now experimenting with new genres, sounds and ideas, which is definitely working for her and her new music might reach out a new audience that maybe hadn't considered listening to her music and respecting her rebellious attitude - which shows that she can't be stopped as she blazes a path through the industry and continues to surprise the public and media, something that is to be greatly admired. 

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A K Jones

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